Everyone is Talking About This Million Dollar Vampire Game

Joshua Gad
4 min readJun 2, 2022

V Rising it seems is an instant success. After developer Stunlock Studios released their previous title, Battlerite Royale, the studio put what they learned to good use by creating one of the most compelling, and genre-defying, RPG Survival games.

At it’s core V Rising is about building your base and progressing your vampiric character. There are a lot of systems in this game and most of them are well put together and contribute to an immersive and hand-crafted open world. For better or for worse, the game has resource gathering that is necessary to upgrade your character and castle. But it also has a wholly unique camera, that allows you to tilt the traditional top-down action-role-playing camera. And to complete the Vampire fantasy, the gimmick mechanic of staying out of the light during the day is actually quite enjoyable and memorable for a survival game.

Early access for the game released on May 17th, and within the first week it had sold more than a million copies. By the 18th it had already surpassed Battlerite’s all-time peak record. Stunlock has reportedly put much more effort into marketing, but even they were surprised at how big of a success the game is.

The highlight at the end of the day is the combat, bosses, and unique ability unlocks. The signature ‘MOBA-fighting-game’ combat that was critically acclaimed in Battlerite is back. I can’t praise this game enough for the tight skill-shot-based ability system. The weapons that you craft come with preset abilities, and you can unlock ‘V’ abilities by defeating bosses.

Joshua Gad

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