I Quit Writing Monthly Articles About Games: Here’s Why and What I’m Doing Instead!

Joshua Gad
3 min readMar 8

During school, I started writing monthly articles about games as a way to share my insights and experiences with others. Here is my first article about why from 2016. I’ve published 75+ articles since then. For a while, this was a fulfilling way to explore different games, analyze their design, and share my thoughts with the gaming community.

However, as time went on, I began to feel like I was forcing myself to write something about games or technology every month, regardless of whether or not I had something insightful to say. It became less about sharing my insights and more about meeting a deadline. While I still enjoyed writing about games, it was becoming less fulfilling, possibly because of the arbitrary deadline I had set. There were times when I wasn’t completely happy with the topic of my article or how the words turned out onto the page. But I still posted them anyway.

Almost a year ago, I finally got a job working with a team of talented individuals to build my dream game (bapbap.gg, by the way). All the work I did in college on my free time had finally paid off. It’s incredibly funny as it is lucky that one of my new teammates was once a player for some of my early prototype games.

Now that I’m working in the games industry, I would just simply rather be acting on the insights that I’ve written in these articles, rather than writing more of them. I’m still able to analyze games, but now I get to do it as part of a team and create something new and exciting. I’m still passionate about games and sharing my experiences, but now it’s through the games I help create. While I may not be writing monthly articles consistently, I’m still deeply engaged in the world of game design and technology, and I plan to continue writing articles in the future.

Game development is challenging and fulfilling, and more fun than trying to hit an arbitrary deadline I set in college. In retrospect, I realize that writing those articles was a stepping stone to getting where I am today. It allowed me to hone my analytical skills, gain experience with different games, and develop my own voice as a game designer.

Although it can be challenging to balance work and writing, I know that my experiences in game design will only make my future articles more insightful and valuable. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with the gaming community, and I hope to inspire others to pursue their passions, just as I have.

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Joshua Gad

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