How ‘Sky: Children of the Light’ uses players to create a positive gaming experience

Journey, the critically acclaimed adventure game that had us racing nimbly across dunes, has continued to stay with us over the years.

A new, genre-bending open world RPG

Keeping with the spirit of E3, last month a new game was announced that sounded really exciting to me. Allow me to introduce you to V Rising, a genre-bending open world RPG with tight action game combat, developed by Stunlock Studios.

With a closed beta to be released later this year and no gameplay trailers yet, there are a lot of unknowns about this game. I have a hunch it will be a one of a kind experience for fans of the action role playing genre.

Five areas where the sequel to fan-favorite Pokémon Snap fell short

I have fond memories of playing Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo 64. I didn’t actually own an N64, but when my family stayed at hotels, that was prime time to take pictures of my favorite Pokémon: Pikachu. There was something about seeing the Pokémon in their habitats in 3D that made everything about them so much more enticing.

This mobile game is attracting both new and veteran players with its accessible design

I’ve been playing League of Legends (LoL) since it first came out of beta over 10 years ago. While the game differs from what it was back then, the core concept of League is still present: pick your champion and push the waves of minions to destroy the enemy base. In recent years, however, League has overhauled its experience for new players. The reason why? There are many mechanics and complexities to take in before feeling competent with the game.

League of Legends: Wild Rift opens the door in creating a welcoming experience for new and veteran players. It offers…

Learning chess as a video game

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started there has been a notable renewed interest in chess, as many players flocked to the internet as the defacto alternative to the legendary board game. However, it wasn’t until the release of the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit that internet chess really started to boom.

An old — but not often heard — tale that is highly relevant to the current pandemic

Back in September of 2005, the jungle capital city of the trolls Zul’Gurub dared to summon the blood god. The release of this new 20 player raid had players take on quite a few new and memorable encounters, but none would be as infamous as Corrupted Blood. The final boss, Hakkar the Soulflayer, cast a potent damage-over-time ability capable of killing even high-level characters. …

Although Cyberpunk 2077 was announced nearly 8 years ago, the hype around the game and what it represents has reached an all time high. CD Projekt the developer of hit 2015 action role-playing game The Witcher 3 will be trying to outdo themselves, and just about every single player RPG. Even with the recent delays to the games release, the importance of delivering an experience with truly open ended gameplay and story is possibly the most precious and sought after idea for gamers and developers.

Shadowlands drew me back in

I first started playing World of Warcraft (WoW) when a group of friends suggested we level characters together. That one act led to many sleepless nights, a ton of headaches, but much more enjoyment, achievements, and memories. Like many others, ever since beginning WoW I have technically never stopped, I just took breaks, sometimes short, sometimes exceedingly long.

I ‘stopped’ playing World of Warcraft at the end of high school. There were other games that had come out at the time, and I finally had a lot more free time. Of course, there were plans to go back but no…

And why it’s more effective than games like 1986’s Mafia

Among Us is one of the most played games in the world right now. A few months ago, nobody would have guessed it would be so successful. This online take on the “social deduction game” was originally released in June 2018 by developer InnerSloth. Like Mafia, Werewolf, or other variations, the goal of the game is about figuring out which one of your friends is actually the killer. The game has since become so popular that developers have canceled their plans for a sequel and decided to update the game instead.

The developers attribute this success to Twitch livestreams, which…

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Game Designer with a Bachelor of Science. I talk about techno life and design ethics while I make games.

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